National traditions of Korean art
The most interesting things about the history and secrets of the Portuguese Republic. On this portal you can find reviews of sights, both architectural and natural, articles about resorts and…

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Ozone therapy in South Korea
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Tea ceremony

“For many centuries developed in Tatar cuisine a variety of drinks. It traces the influence of local climatic, socio-economic conditions, national traditions and tastes, as well as cuisine of other Nations: adjacent – Chuvash and Bashkirs, the Mordvins and the Mari, Udmurts and Russians of Central Asia – Uzbeks and Tajiks. That’s how diverse bouquet of flavors of drinks of Tatarstan!

There is an old Tatar tradition to treat a guest – kystau. “Wining and dining – and drink water” (“Sylgard – su ech”) – no wonder people used to say. Together with the best treats on the table were exhibited the most revered drinks – sour cream, sweet sherbets and stewed raisins, dried apricots, apricot and, of course, sweet tea. How many of the Proverbs, Baitov, fairy tales have reflected this hospitality!

Tea… Hardly in Tatarstan find someone who is not familiar with this traditional, habitual drink, and revered by adults and children. At all times of the year — whether in fierce cold, in the heat if intolerable – not do we a Cup of fragrant tea, relieving fatigue, strengthening the spirit, awakens thought, refreshing body.

Tatar tea according to the method of cooking has something in common with the ancient Tibetan recipe and with modern Kalmyk. And today it is the Tatar national drink.

Tatar is preparing tea is very simple. Take equally water and milk to drink 5 – 6 grams of pressed tea, a half-teaspoon butter or ghee and salt to taste. Put on the heat water, when boiling, throw a tea and add hot milk. All this should be boiled for five minutes or slightly more. Do not forget to stir. Add salt to taste. Sometimes pepper is added. Ready to drink is poured into cups and the butter placed in each bowl separately. Tatar to various national tea includes pastries.

Some groups of Tatars dinner party starts with serving tea, and only after the tea starts the main meal. And the Kazan Tatars, for example, tea completes a dinner party. But regardless, one of the main decorations of the table is a good conversation.


Bertek CA (of baikhovi black tea)

Rinse with boiling water the teapot, put into it baikhovi black tea at the rate of 3 g per Cup. Pour fresh boiling water cool, first on the third volume of the kettle, to keep the teapot covered with a cloth 3–5 minutes to make the tea steep. Then pour it with boiling water and pour into the cups, keeping the tea dosage to taste.

Measure CA (tiled from black tea)

Brick tea has all the properties of baikhovi tea, but more sturdy and extractive. Brewed in the usual way in the tea, brewing time – up to 8 min. Constant proper welding — well-heated kettle. Or it is rinsed once or twice with boiling water, or half a minute warm up the bottom and sides over the flame of the gas stove. But it is impossible to put the kettle on — fast burst and fall off the bottom.

Tea with cream

Tea with milk or cream – a favourite beverage of the Tartars. Milk is taken fresh or boiled. For this tea brew is made stronger, the rate of 2–3 teaspoons of dry tea per Cup. As welding is used as a symbol of warm hospitality and brick tea. When serving tea on the table in a Cup pour the tea leaves, add milk or cream and add boiled water. Good tea with cream or milk is a bright orange color, slightly tinged with pink. In a bowl first poured the milk fat content of not less than 3.2% at 1/3 capacity, then strong tea and a little boiling water. Sugar and honey served separately.