Ohara Koson is one of the most famous Japanese artists - Articles about the artist - Zen Designer
Traditional Japanese prints of the genre "Flowers and birds" (Cacho-e) the great Japanese artist Ohara Koson. Cacho-e is a Japanese term used for all prints and print editions, United by…

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Customs and traditions of Japan – the most mysterious country in the world
Unique and peculiar culture and attitude of Japanese people are defined by isolated geographical position, climatic conditions and topography of the place of residence. Endless earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions forced…

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Characteristics of tourism in Japan

Orient has always attracted people with its mystery, rich culture, interesting traditions and remarkable architecture. Every year a large number of fans of tourism stretches East to enjoy the sights of the rising sun and just to diversify their leisure.

Special also popular among tourists is a small island nation-Japan. This country has many centuries of formation of their culture. The peculiarity of Japanese culture is the combination of their traditions with some elements of the cultural heritage of China and Korea that makes the country even more. Currently Japan is a country of “high technologies” with huge skyscrapers, the developed infrastructure of entertainments and leisure. The Japanese honor the traditions of their ancestors, which is reflected in the architecture and conduct of festivals.

Japan cannot be attributed to country resorts. Going on vacation to this country, you will visit the sights, to get acquainted with the culture of the country can visit on the conduct of the Japanese holidays, that are distinguished by their brightness, and just can walk around Tokyo or other cities.

In Japan there are two main cities for tourism are Tokyo and Kyoto. In both cities there is a huge number of monuments of architecture, museums of various themes and entertainment complexes. In Tokyo you can visit the temples of Buddhism (Buddhism is a religion of Japan) shrines, beautiful Imperial Palace, reflecting all the beauty of Japanese culture, and the Museum of art and Japanese way of life. In Kyoto also has many temples, shrines and museums as well as gardens with the most beautiful vegetation.

A trip to Japan is very expensive. Average tour price is $ 2,500. The trip includes visiting several cities in the country, excursions to the main attractions and hotel accommodation. When choosing a hotel for accommodation it is necessary to consider another feature of the country, namely the lack of classification of hotels by stars. All hotels vary from economy class to luxury class. So often travel companies give different “star” ratings for one hotel.

In some cases one can find resorts with recreation at mountain resorts or hot springs in the country, which are often visited by the residents of Japan.

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The city has over 30 museums, the most interesting of them is the national Science Museum in Ueno Park, the Historical Museum Shitamachi, Tokyo national Museum, the national Museum of modern art, Museum of kite, The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Idemitsu with a collection of painting and calligraphy

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