An integral part of the tradition of any nation is the glorification of the relics of his warriors, defenders of ancestral lands, the keepers of the hearth. The birth of…

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Characteristics of tourism in Japan
Orient has always attracted people with its mystery, rich culture, interesting traditions and remarkable architecture. Every year a large number of fans of tourism stretches East to enjoy the sights…

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Tourist destinations in Asia

Interesting tourist destinations in Asia, many Asia represents the most interesting destination for people who want to experience the anxiety and the fast pace of city life with a long and rich tradition and culture of Asian travel. destinations include accommodation first-class hotels, shopping in the latest fashion standards, city tours and tasty local cuisine. Tourists can also visit the famous historical and cultural characteristics of Asian countries, old and up to several thousand years. In this article we will introduce you to three main areas that you must visit if you want to go right in Asia 1 -. Beijing, China Beijing

is the most common destination for travel and vacations when it comes to the Asian continent Beijing offers tourists historic attractions, some. which are old and over 1000 years. tourists in Beijing are the largest Royal Palace known as the Forbidden city, the Great wall, which passes through the centre of Beijing and Tiananmen square. Beijing is home to several magnificent Royal palaces and gardens built by the famous rulers of the Royal dynasty, and more than 17 temples, which stand as a testimony of the great Chinese culture. Modern foreign Beijing several much to offer tourists. For example, there is the Beijing zoo, the Center for the arts. and numerous shopping centres in indoor and outdoor Tourists can stay at the hotel, as large transnational corporations and small hotels and hostels and choose the ones from his trips to Beijing the opportunity to enjoy many dishes of national cuisine, 2 -. Tokyo, Japan Tokyo

top 5 most attractive tourist destinations in Asia Conde Nast Traveler choice “. As one of the three richest cities in the world, Tokyo offers its visitors an ultra modern shopping malls, various artistic attractions and accommodations in different hotels and is subject to any pocket. Visitors who are interested in the history of Asia can visit the gardens of the Royal Palace, which is known for its potpourri, which provide large areas of different seasonal flowers. Other means of cultural symbol. The Museum of arts and science Visitors who are interested to try dishes of national cuisine must visit Ebisu station According to the National tourism organization of Japan, Japanese chefs vigorously struggling Japanese brand dumplings soup. 3 – Bombay, India According to

in Lonely Planet, Mumbai, a coastal city in the Indian province of Maharashtra and the largest city in the world, offering all day entertainment. Despite the lack of financial resources and wealth in the capital of India, the city has a great cultural and economic influence on the country. In addition, in the center of the famous Indian film industry, bollywood. Every year thousands of tourists and businessmen visiting the city to feel the congestion of the streets of Mumbai, open shopping centers, beaches and historical monuments. Indians. are fair for very religious people, inviting people around the world to visit six major chest and Maharashtra Mumbai region Most Indians speak English, which greatly facilitates the visitors who also speak English