Democracy in South Korea
Everyone knows that North Korea is a totalitarian, decaying country, and South Korea is a thriving democracy. In North Korea it's sad, people live in poverty, do not have the…

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North and South Korea: striking contrasts
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Japan is Weird

For all its beauty, amazing culture and the most developed technologies, Japan has another side. Quite strange. All known weird Japanese music videos and commercials, scary movies, and non-standard behavior of modern Japanese. For example, the hikikomori – people-shut-ins usually is either very young or very elderly people, they isolate themselves from the world and spend all time at home, not leaving. They are called the “lost million.” But if you go into a house where lives a hikikomori, tourists most likely will not be able to go to the forest of suicides is really quite.

Forest Of Jukai, Aokigahara

At the entrance to the forest you will meet a sign which has an inscription that your life is priceless, her parents gave you, you should not break off, but if you hard and you are suffering, you are not alone, call us. Next is the phone number that you can call all who find themselves in difficult life situations…

Aokigahara is the suicide forest in Japan, also known as the “black Sea of trees”, “Forest of death” and other names in the same spirit. It is located on the island of Honshu mount Fuji. The forest covers an area of 35 square meters, he had appeared in this place in the 1st century ad, after the eruption of volcano Fuji. Cooled lava formed a plateau, which gradually became overgrown, and quite unusual. The soil there is no way to process instruments manually, it is dense and uneven, it looks like it’s so weird unearthed. Tree roots sticking out on the surface of the earth, because I can deeply to break through the remnants of lava.

In the forest a large number of different crevices and caves, some fissure in the depth of go for hundreds of meters, sometimes at the bottom their is ice that does not melt even in summer.

In Aokigahara do not work compasses, it is assumed that this is due to the large quantity of ore, which lies under the ground.

This forest became famous for two reasons – the first is a totally unique beauty of the views of mount Fuji, but on the second we’ll talk more.

This place holds many stories and legends, but true stories. For example, in the 19th century poor Japanese families came to Aokigahara to leave their old people and kids, which they had opportunities to feed. Poor perished there from cold and hunger. Since then, the Japanese began to say that the forest is inhabited by supernatural forces – ghosts, demons and spirits of the dead people there. They live among the trees and came to help the forest in search of death, to find her.

Here come the Japanese, who don’t want to stay on earth and decided to settle scores with life. Every year, among a strange and mysterious tree Aokigahara live to over a hundred people and the surroundings.

The bodies of the suicides began looking into the “Forest of death” from the last century, since that time their number increases every year exponentially. Last year the forest was found one hundred and twelve bodies of people who died voluntarily.

The most frequent ways of life are hanging and poisoning by various drugs. Those who came to this forest and they say that after quite a bit into the forest, you can see the package of pills, water bottles, bags and other things.

Once a year the police are searching the woods and three hundred volunteers.

Into the woods and bring travelers but warn them of the danger of getting lost. They show the path and repeat, getting off her back already can not find. As we have said, the compass will not help, his hands just moving around in a circle.

Tourists, not to repeat the fate of the unfortunate people who have found their refuge in the terrible forest, hung on the branches of the trees with colored ribbons. By the way, in these places is the headquarters of the controversial religious sect AUM Shinrikyo.

All over the world are considered beautiful straight teeth, many even wear for teeth straightening braces and spend a lot of money, but the Japanese specially the canines put on the caps that bulge and distort the teeth. Fortunately this procedure is reversible and not very expensive.

So, traveling to Japan should not focus on Fuji, there are still many unusual, strange and incomprehensible to Europeans. So probably, this country is so attractive for millions of tourists.

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