Tours in yangju, Korea
Yangju city in Korea attracts Russian tourists with their originality. In it's ancient culture and history blend harmoniously into a single whole with modernity. Not by accident, intending to go…

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The 10 weirdest Japanese traditions. Japan Asia
The Japanese do not celebrate the New year in our understanding. New year's eve, they quietly go to sleep, but Wake up early in the morning and all go together…

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The Japanese language On-line: Christmas table in the Japanese style

New year is one of the favorite holidays in Japan. From ancient times it was considered purely a family celebration. On the eve of the feast, the night of December 31, for new year’s eve meal was going all relatives.

Himself new year’s celebration is deeply symbolic, and this symbolism is especially evident in the Christmas food. On the table there is a long buckwheat noodles “soba”, promising longevity and well-being of the entire family, bean dishes, and beans you in the coming year of health problems and marinated herring ROE “kazunoko” – as a symbol of fertility in all senses of the word. From fish dishes traditionally choose carp as a symbol of strength, and small dried sardines, substitute new year wishes. And, of course, the obligatory dish of the Christmas table are rice cakes “Moti”.

In the old days in the New year’s eve cooking “Moti” took place with the participation of all family members or even neighbors. It was believed that “mochi” is the place where dwells the spirit, pokr overallstyle growth of rice. So, the more people will take part in the process, the richer will heal the entire County. Traditional method of preparation is quite time-consuming: the cooked rice is very sticky special varieties spread in a special stone or wooden mortar, then threshed it rather heavy wooden mallets, and assistants after each blow turned the dough. From this mass, which, in fact, is called “mochi”, make tortillas, in the future, they place them in boiling water or fried. Sometimes even arranged competitions for the preparation of “mochi”. But, in recent times, just for fun. Now the process of creating the dough for this dish the Japanese trust electrical «motioncam” as the tradition to treat guests with bread remained still.

One of the dishes about, without which it is impossible to celebrate the New year according to all the rules, it ’s subsidiaries:none” – bean soup with mochi, fish or slices of chicken and vegetables. It is served in the morning of the 1st of January.

In the first Christmas day without much hassle to feed a family and guests helped the hosts and the traditional set of dishes ” o-Sechi re:ri”. Initially it included meals long term storage – for example, sweet, sour or dried. On the eve of the cooked dishes were placed in a lacquered box, divided into compartments, and placed in a cool place until the holidays. Usually this consisted of cooked in sweet sake and soy sauce seasoned seaweed “kombu” fish cake “kamaboko”, yellow sweet mashed sweet potato with chestnuts – «kurikinton”, cooked burdock root “kimpire gobos : “, and black soybean is «kuromame”. Each component in the “o-Sechi re : ri” something NTFP embodiment: prosperity, luck, happiness, long health. For example, it is believed that the use of kuromame in the new year’s holiday bring on the new year health and energy for successful work, as “mame” in Japanese means “to work like a bee”.

There are a lot of different options o-Sechi, and sometimes dishes, which are used in one region may not be used in another. In our days it is popular to do luxury sets with a large number of delicious dishes. Sashimi and sushi, and traditional Japanese dishes, is also often used on the occasion. Such troublesome preparation do not give poor Housewives to relax. However, in recent time, quite often o-Sechi sold in Department stores or on the Christmas supermarket shelves, so many young Japanese women have no idea about how these dishes to cook for myself.

The author of the article: Onyanko Glory

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