North and South Korea: striking contrasts
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New year in South Korea
Koreans with a special thrill each the holiday and try to make it beautiful, bright and fun. South Korea — this is a country where holidays are valued and are…

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Interesting facts about Korea – Article – things about Korea and Koreans – 1. History, culture, etc. of Korea and the CIS. The catalogue of our information – lim Community. Culture and traditions of Korea

Millions of people around the world, one way or another, daily use equipment produced in this small but incredibly developed country. South Korea famous for high-tech companies such as KIA, Daewoo, LG, Samsung and Hyundai, which provide us a cheap, quality and reliable equipment, from batteries to cars. Meanwhile, few of us can boast a vast knowledge about this country, which is also referred to as the “hermit Kingdom” and “Land of the morning calm.” The history of this country has over 5000 years, but by the people of the Republic of Korea cherish the legend that the state was founded by the son of the woman-bear, and the celestial by Dangun in 2333 BC

North and South Korea

The division of Korea happened in 1945, when they signed the Soviet-American Treaty about the division of spheres of influence. While under “the watchful eye” of the USSR was the Northern part of the country, where accelerated tempo was built communism, and influenced United States – South. Meanwhile, despite such a long separation reliable border, the populations of both countries, and South and North Korea and do not take each other for independent country. Thus, South Korea believes the North occupied by the Communists, North and South colonized the US. However, residents of the split “halves” of the country have the same right to citizenship in both countries.

Facts about the economy

Today, the Republic of Korea is among the most economically developed countries in the world. GDP per capita is over $ 20,000, however, this does not make life easy in Korea. In General, the relatively high income of Koreans, to purchase housing in ownership in Korea is almost impossible, so the majority of the population just rent apartments. The most highly paid professions, except for the President, considered the profession of teacher, doctor and lawyer. The level of education in Korea is one of the highest in the world and is 99%, despite the fact that and a kindergarten, a school and a University in South Korea paid and quite expensive.

Facts about Koreans

Cultural and social development of the country’s population was under the strong influence of religious movements, the main ones in Korea are Confucianism, shamanism, Buddhism. Perhaps that’s why the Koreans are considered one of the most cultural people on the planet. Level of crime Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. There are virtually no drugs (drugs are under absolute prohibition), cases of pickpocketing or attacks are extremely rare, carjacking is still considered a sensation, and the traditional morality of society is so strong that to meet the cases of open rudeness or coarseness is almost impossible. In addition, residents of the Republic of Korea, according to researchers Forbes magazine, are the most industrious in the world.

The facts about the nature of South Korea

In addition to polite and culturally advanced population, the country is rich in amazing natural treasures. The country is located on the Peninsula and more than 3,000 Islands. The entire 70% of the country is an amazing mountainous landscape. The highest point in Korea is considered to be an extinct volcano Hallasan, its height is 1950 meters. On the territory of South Korea is Manjanggul cave, which is the world’s longest lava tunnel – its total length is 13.4 km away. Kanban waterfall on the island of Jeju is the only one in Asia that falls directly into the sea.

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