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The 10 weirdest Japanese traditions. Japan Asia

The Japanese do not celebrate the New year in our understanding. New year’s eve, they quietly go to sleep, but Wake up early in the morning and all go together to see the sunrise of the New year. We, of course, also met some new year’s dawn, but in a completely different state.

The Japanese have no jokes, but a kind of sense of humor.

2. Never say never

People in Japan try never to say the word NO, just replacing it with a polite departure from the topic, or this agreement is non-binding, and, ultimately, leads nowhere.

The Japanese have virtually no jokes. It’s hard to imagine, but true.

In Japan it is considered very unseemly, if You do not have a business card. So the Japanese even in the pool are wearing special waterproof small bags for business cards.

Courtesy is still in Japan comes to the extremes. Instead of pozhimanie hand the Japanese use the bows, and need to bow as many times as it did to You. The situation comes to the absurd. For example, if the Japanese decided to order sushi home, and if he can get a very polite courier delivery sushi home, this favor can take a lot of time! Guests will gather, and the courier will arrive very polite: then to bow, may take more than one minute! It can’t be helped – will have to “follow Protocol”. Politeness is a hallmark of the Japanese, which they are rightly proud.

In the Japanese subway, there are specially trained zapihivanie that pushed and tamped the people in the train. For the sake of objectivity I must say that this “profession” zapihivanija exists in many East metro, for example, in Singapore, etc.

7. These strange Japanese students

Japanese girls are quite IMPOSSIBLE to communicate and talk to the boys until a certain age.


Recently Schoolgirls-Japanese girls wear sailor outfit and pigtails, and many Japanese boys, now often wear a school uniform for girls, as it is much brighter and nicer than the school uniforms of boys. Japanese student, overall, no less strange than an adult Japanese. For example, if the girl propose to the boy his food on a school break, it would mean almost forever. Why girls with the boys can’t eat together without blushing.

But even more strange Japanese school tradition: at school children are not allowed to walk one, without girlfriends or friends, this is considered strange and immoral. Therefore, the more a crowd gathers, the better it is considered.

Kant or Kancho is a strange Japanese game, mega among Japanese schoolchildren. Players folded palms forward and pull your index fingers and try to stab anus to another player, at any time, especially when the victim is busy with something or distracted. There were cases when in the game caught even the school teachers that were severely stopped by the Directors of Japanese schools, but not all. And some teachers were accused of pedophilia. Known in the international list of most dangerous extreme gambling habituation effect “Kancho” was listed at number 27.

Most of the streets in Japanese cities don’t have names. In these cases, the house specifies a descriptive (“the second house from the corner after the store”) or by numbering within the district. In addition, houses are numbered in order of construction, which further adds to the confusion.

9. Fear Of Twins

In the old days in Japan believed that one born of twins conceived by a demon. And just in case get rid of the twins, not understanding who is who, and at the same time and from the mother. For example, in Japanese anime “When the cicadas cry” and “Shuffle” shows that one of bleznyashek need to kill.

10. Family finances

All Finance Japanese family disposes of the wife, and the husband has no right to ask, and the more challenge, the decision of the wife on purchases. Moreover, the ascetic and the Thrifty Japanese to name is absolutely impossible, not just Japanese women are spenders by nature.

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