Japanese cuisine – the traditions and features
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New year in South Korea
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The Most unusual sexual traditions 2014 – watch pics and video joke

Still deaf in the villages of Northern Kamchatka persisted centuries-old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, the consent of the guest for the woman ready to do anything, as this is considered a great honor. And if after intercourse the woman will get pregnant, if not, luck and happiness to this house and around the village.

In order to marry a Tibetan girl should have at least a dozen sexual partners.

In Nepal, polyandry is the norm. Almost all of the few polyandrist societies practice what anthropologists call fraternal polyandry, where a group of brothers divide among themselves a wife. It is widespread in the Himalayas, where very little fertile land and the emergence of another son would mean the division of land to another son could be based on your own family. For the sake of space and they begin to create a family hostel with shared wife.

4. Mesopotamia

Each inhabitant of ancient Babylon had to make a sacrifice to the goddess of love Ishtar. For the execution of the ritual, the woman walked into the sanctuary of the goddess, sat in a conspicuous place and waited, when she chooses an unknown man. The client gave the lady a coin, after which they went to some secluded area where he committed the sexual act. It was enough once, but some particularly zealous of vavilonjane constantly practiced like role-playing, strangers offering interesting vacation for the money, which then went to the temple.

5. The Congo, Zaire

In these African countries, girls religiously took care of her virginity before the wedding. Honorable duty is to take away a bride’s virginity before marriage – had the chief of the tribe. Interesting fact that if he could not cope with this important task, then immediately lost power. The tribe elected a new, more responsible and temperamental leader.

6. Oceania

According to the traditions of certain peoples of Oceania, she also had to keep virginity until marriage. Here the rite of deprivation of innocence was held by the friends of the groom. First, using the stone knife, and only then – a more natural and familiar way. In sum, the ceremony took three days. After that obessilennaya girl passed legal wife.

7. Egypt

To our days in Egypt and some other Islamic countries there is the custom defloration ceremony public. According to tradition, during the wedding ritual of the husband himself must break hymens future wife. It must be done with the index finger, wrapped with a white cloth. Red, which is colored in the matter, testifies to the purity of the bride. From this moment a woman is obliged to wear a veil and show her face only wife.

8. Japan

In Japan there is still the cult of the male sexual organ. So, on the fertility of Kanamara holiday Matsuri taken to carry through the streets a giant phalluses made of papier-mache. It also sells figurines, ornaments, toys, candy canes and other objects of phallic form. Men flaunt in costumes and masks. Sexual contact during the holidays are particularly sophistication and passion.

9. Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece there was such a thing as paiderastia, which literally means love of boys. This was “love” older men to young boys. The teenager was considered a boy until then, until he began to grow a beard. The older man was called erastes, he was to love, to contain and to protect, teach, and serve as an example for his young eromenos. To experience love to the boy under 12 years was improper, but no laws prohibiting it, did not exist.

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