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South Korea started to train priests for North Korea - Your Bible
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North and South Korea are ready to start the arms race – Picture of the day – news of Belarus

The South Korean army began the formation of outposts in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Two days after North Korea’s military fired on November 23 of the South Korean island. relations between North Korea and South Korea remain extremely strained. As a result of clashes killed 4 people. On 25 November, South Korea announced that it urgently starts to increase military power of the ground troops on the five Islands of the Yellow sea in the North-West. In response, North Korea declared that in case of increase of capacity of the army of South Korea, Pyongyang will be ready to apply the second and third strikes on the shores of its southern neighbor.

«people’s democratic Republic of Korea has always advocated the maintenance of peace in the region, but now faces the need to ensure its independence, so artillery bombardment winkaraoke coast were the way to support justice and maintain your freedom”, – reads the statement of North Korean leaders, published November 24 on Wednesday.

The head of the South Korean Republic Lee Myung-bak, convened on the morning of Thursday 25 November emergency meeting, during which it was decided to increase the number of military forces on five Islands in the Yellow sea. However, Seoul also expressed a desire to establish a constructive dialogue with China, to forge a common position to resolve the conflict.

At the moment, in the Yellow sea are the Maritime forces of the United States.

The nuclear-powered George Washington arrived in the Gulf to conduct joint maneuvers with the Navy of South Korea. The U.S. military emphasize that the joint exercises were planned long before the shelling of South Korean banks. But nonetheless, many fear that this fact may still increase aggression from North Korea.

As reported by South Korean media, the order on the shelling of South Korea was given personally by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Immediately after the attacks, the official news Agency of North Korea,the message that the South Korean government moved to the province Huanga, which is located on the South of the country, according to the of Le Monde .

As previously reported ALE.BY November 23, North Korea fired several dozen rounds of artillery shells toward South Korean territorial waters and Yeonpyeong island in the Yellow sea. The attack came at a time when near the island passed the usual training units of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea.

In connection with the incident, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus issued a special letter in which it expresses its regret regarding the incident.

“the concern and deeply regretted causing the deaths of soldiers and civilians on the island of Yeonpyeong in the artillery attack by the Democratic people’s Republic of 23 November 2010.

The Republic of Belarus strongly condemns any attempts to influence the processes of settlement on the Korean Peninsula by military force, stands for full implementation of inter-Korean agreements on ceasefire and non-aggression, calls on the parties to exercise restraint and to refrain from any steps that could lead to further escalation of tensions in the region.

The Belarusian side follows closely the situation on the Korean Peninsula and are concerned by growing tension caused by armed confrontation between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea in the Yellow sea.

We hope for a speedy normalization of the situation, strengthening peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, the continuation of inter-Korean dialogue based on international law», – stated in the message.

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