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Millions of people around the world, one way or another, daily use equipment produced in this small but incredibly developed country. South Korea famous for high-tech companies such as KIA,…

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Tea ceremony
"For many centuries developed in Tatar cuisine a variety of drinks. It traces the influence of local climatic, socio-economic conditions, national traditions and tastes, as well as cuisine of other…

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Alcohol is a longtime enemy South Korea, and the level of alcoholism in the country takes the 7th place in the world. Korean drinking has its own characteristics. Almost all working Koreans once a month, and many every weekend, arrange with your colleagues feast, accompanied by copious libations.

Such events are called haesik (“hoesik”) and during these feasts required to comply with many rules. For example, if the elder is pouring the drink, the younger must necessarily hold a glass with both hands. If the Junior pours the senior, then the bottle should also hold on with both hands. One hand can be used only to pensioners and people, exposure power. Toast during the “hoesik” follow one another, and to drink all necessarily.

Because such traditions “corporate culture” South Korea is the 13th largest in the world in alcohol consumption per capita, and in terms of pure alcohol per citizen per year accounts for almost 15 L. Among Asian countries is an absolute record.

Red ink

Every nation has its funny superstitions. For example, for the South Koreans to write in red ink is all the same that for Russians to meet someone with an empty bucket.

Many Koreans believe that if you write someone’s name in red ink, then this person will inevitably be bad. In red ink are written the names of the dead on special banners during the funeral procession. It is believed that it can protect the dead from demons, but for live red ink is not protection, but rather a curse.


In order not to seem rude or ridicule, to shake hands in Korea, we should follow local rules. So, people of the same social status and close friends to shake hands using only one hand. But if a handshake is exchanged between boss and subordinate, or if there is a large age difference, the elder holds out one hand, and the younger shakes it with both hands.

The relationship of Korea and Japan

Relations between South Korea and Japan never special warmth was no different. More precisely, they are either terribly bad or bad. In the past between Korea and Japan was the place military conflicts, and in 1910 Japan won and Korea began to stamp his language, which, incidentally, has nothing to do with Korean. During the Second World War, Japan again invaded Korea and still has to apologize for the outrageous and the scale of the crimes committed by its military.

Today, tensions continue to persist because of the group of Islands, which Koreans call Dokdo and considers its territory, and the Japanese call them Takeshima, and they consider their own. After the Second World War the Islands came to Korea, but Japan stubbornly continues to challenge their sovereignty.

Attitude to skirts

South Korea largely remains a conservative country. But the clothing is quite irrelevant. Today any woman can wear a mini skirt and no fear of persecution or oblique views. And indeed, until 1979 in South Korea women’s clothing was controlled very strictly. Was regulated not only the length of the skirts, which were not supposed to be above the knee, but even hair length.

Recently, when the government tried to limit the freedom of choice suits the media, who often seem so very frivolously, in society it has caused such a stir that many have begun to argue that the government is trying to return old, hateful to all orders.