National traditions of Korean art
The most interesting things about the history and secrets of the Portuguese Republic. On this portal you can find reviews of sights, both architectural and natural, articles about resorts and…

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The Most unusual sexual traditions 2014 - watch pics and video joke
Still deaf in the villages of Northern Kamchatka persisted centuries-old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, the consent of the guest…

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Japan. Amazing series

Which country is called the country of the economic miracle? Of course, Japan. The state in East Asia, spread over the Japanese Islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, Ryukyu archipelago, and others. Japan by the Pacific ocean, Okhotsk, Japan and East China seas. The Islands are stretched between the bridges, there are underwater tunnels, ferries.

Ode to tea

Useful properties and flavor of tea known to people since ancient times. For Japan, the tea and everything associated with it is a matter of national pride. About tea legends, this drink sing laudatory odes.

Japanese traditions ritual tea was in the old days, as a means to start a philosophical monks on the meaning of life. Drank tea from large and small bowls. Often the tea party happened in special tea rooms or tea houses, called Tasucu . Around the tea house, as a rule, was a small garden.

Fragrant tea, cozy house, nice garden – all this gave the tea party a special meaning. And the Japanese take tea ceremony as a natural and necessary part of their lives. Currently the best traditions of Japanese tea are carefully preserved.

Kitchen Japan

The basis of Japanese cuisine is that gorgeous seafood, soybeans, brown rice, salads, soups, dumplings gyoza. In the production of Japanese food chefs strive to minimize thermal processing products so that they preserve its original flavor. The elegance of Japanese cuisine with worldwide recognition.

Bath ceremony

Referring to the baths of Japan, we cannot say that the bathing process in Japan is radically different from traditional views of bath practice.

Japanese bath – a procedure not suitable for all.

For example, the essence of the procedure of bath called a “furo” is as follows. In the barrel, where the water temperature varies from 40 to 50 degrees reclining person, so that the heart area was above the water level. The barrel itself is on the stove. People like “brewing on a quiet fire.” After the adoption of such a complex Japanese bath departs at least one hour, relaxing on the couch. Freshmen take a “bath” with great difficulty.

Japan. Reference data

The area of Japan 372 km2. The population is about 127 million people. Over 99% of the population are Japanese.

The area of the country is small, areas suitable for life is not enough, there are volcanoes and devastating tsunami. In the country a few minerals. But despite all this, amazing Japan is among the most developed countries of the world.

Official language: Japanese

Capital: Tokyo

Believing most: mostly adherents of Shinto and Buddhism

Head of state: Emperor

Legislature: bicameral Parliament

Monetary unit: yen

Terrain: mountain

Volcanoes: Assam, Asahidake, Rausu, Whitefish, largest — Fuji (the highest point in Japan, 3776 m)

Climate: subtropical monsoon in the North temperate, South tropical

Vegetation: coniferous, subtropical evergreen forests, shrubs

Industry: high technology industry, machinery, chemical, light (textile), fiber-optic and radio-electronic industry; enterprises of oil refining, cement, plastics and steel production. Traditionally, the production of porcelain, of art products.

Developed international tourism

Agriculture: rice cultivation, horticulture, livestock, sericulture, the production of seafood.

Export: machinery and equipment, products of electronic industry, chemical products, textiles.

Customs and traditions of Japan – the most mysterious country in the world
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