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Democracy in South Korea

Everyone knows that North Korea is a totalitarian, decaying country, and South Korea is a thriving democracy. In North Korea it’s sad, people live in poverty, do not have the normal rights and freedoms, and to all of this, their brains purged of Communist ideology. In South Korea, the opposite is true: people live with dignity, and sometimes rich, they have rights and are free and their brains as if no one scores different ideologies, like Communist.

Of course, it’s all ivamy. driven hard in the head for an ordinary person, so he didn’t have any issues, which may not give quite the expected, and therefore very undesirable responses. Of course, North Korea is not a Paradise for a flourishing life, but also in South Korea, is not so great as it seems at first glance.

For example, you know that the average South Korean works per year, more than any other citizen of industrialized countries — 2 090 hours? For comparison, the average German works 1 413 hours, and the average Russian works for 1 981 hours per year (OECD data for 2011). Real average vacation duration in South Korea is 3–4 days (the maximum legally allowed in ten days). According to official statistics, 33% of workers and employees working on fixed-term contracts — which means a very high probability of layoffs in a year or two and salary component on average about 60% of the salary of a permanent employee.

But especially “wonderful” in South Korea with democracy and freedom of speech.

It turns out that about North Korea in the “democratic” South Korea can not speak well. That’s right — you can’t! Otherwise you can go to jail and then a lifetime to live with the stigma of “hostile element”. And well, if you live. Because according to the law on state security, “the head of the anti-state organization” as a punishment or to receive a death sentence or life imprisonment. However, the last time the leader of a clandestine socialist group who tried (quite unsuccessfully) to organize an armed struggle with the regime (Shin Hansik, 1933–1982), South Korean state was executed 30 years ago, but, in principle, any attempt to organize radical underground is still punishable by death — what is the population of South Korea is well-informed. And, accordingly, behaves in relations with the System very carefully.

Although according to this law and without the death penalty for “organizing socialist underground” enough punishment. For example, trying to go to North Korea without the permission of the South Korean authorities — if you are a citizen of South Korea — threatens you for up to ten years in prison. Even one attempt to organize such a trip to “the territory controlled by the anti-state organization” (in North Korea), already draws a maximum of seven years in prison. An attempt to commit an act of “praising, encouraging or propaganda in favor of anti-state organization” to seven years in prison. Attempt to create group to study socialist alternatives to the existing order and to write down in the Charter anything about “fundamental change” to the same seven years.

Well, the apotheosis of democracy — ten years for attempted intercourse with a resident of North Korea, for example. However, from South Korea make it unlikely — all North Korean sites are blocked there safely. But, say, if you go to another country and from there, being a citizen of South Korea, write that letter, and someone will see it and where you need to carry to ten years will be yours. Furthermore, if this witness will see, but won’t deliver, and on it and then you bring someone third — and the witness have tight. For the failure of your anti-state witness act can receive up to five years.

Now open your mouth and try saying: “South Korea is undoubtedly a democratic and free country”. Turned say? Then click the x in the upper right corner. )

PS You can read more about all the delights of South Korean democracy in orientalist Vladimir Tikhonov.