IN South Korea - In South Korea: When is the best time to go to Korea (the best month for travel)
Here is another of the many questions often asked: when is the best time to visit Korea, winter or summer, spring or autumn? Well, I will try to tell you…

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North and South Korea: striking contrasts
This article can comment, only members of the community. You can join the community with one click on the button to the right. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun - a…

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Tours in yangju, Korea

Yangju city in Korea attracts Russian tourists with their originality. In it’s ancient culture and history blend harmoniously into a single whole with modernity. Not by accident, intending to go to this wonderful country and making online booking of tickets to Korea. many Russian tourists choose as a place of relaxation Yangju. Despite the fact that the modern city began to be built only in the late XIV century, the territory around it were inhabited long before that and still bear witness to the history of the place.

With the religious culture of the city can be found by visiting the ruins of the burned during the suppression of Buddhism in Korea Vaasa temple, built in the XIV century. No less interesting and its modern version, which is located just half a kilometer from the ruins. You should pay attention to the building of the Confucian school Yangju the hyangga, Dating back to the mid-seventeenth century, but rebuilt after the destruction during the Korean war.

Worth a visit and the Observatory “the Song”. It attracts tourists not only astronomical Museum and the exhibition, which is always open for visitors, but also for its location. The Observatory building is situated at altitude 440 m above sea level, you can reach it by funicular. That is, this tour will allow you to see the panorama of the city and surrounding area.

In addition to the usual walks through the streets of town tourist in Yangju offers a variety of activities. Will definitely need to look at the art Park, which presents a variety of sculptures, and there are also pavilions with mini-exhibitions of art objects. Not less interesting is the Museum of folklore arts “Mokpo”, where you can learn about traditional Korean crafts.

Pictures in yangju quite acceptable for the Russian tourist. But in what does not deny during the holidays and bring home lots of Souvenirs, Russian tourist can save a lot, if will make the hotel reservations yourself. This approach, moreover, gives a little more freedom of choice of residence in yangju than any tour company.

Among the attractions is a wonderful Museum, the like of which no country in the world. It is a Museum of lighting. Visiting it, you can trace the history of lighting, from ancient times to the present day. Special impression on the guests makes the exhibition, which presents equipment to create a relaxing lighting and light therapy.

To explore the unique Korean culture will help the festivals and rituals held in the city of Yangju. So, especially interesting for tourists, the ritual of worshipping of cattle, called “yangju, Sonora Kut”. He has long held in order to ensure the prosperity of local residents and a good harvest.

Colorful international festival of popular theatre that is held in Yangju, brings together teams from different parts of Asia. Colourful costumes, enchanting show programs, and General merriment — all this has on tourists a lasting impression. In addition, the festival can see the exhibition photos to get acquainted with folk crafts and more.

Yangju is a city where tourists are always welcome. An unforgettable trip to this corner of the planet can become part of your life. But it is better to ensure that such trip is not caused serious damage to your budget. And will this system of booking of tickets. with the help of which you can save yourself from unnecessary hassle and even save money by ordering your tickets and booking your accommodation well in advance of the trip.

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