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Drinking Alcohol is a longtime enemy South Korea, and the level of alcoholism in the country takes the 7th place in the world. Korean drinking has its own characteristics. Almost…

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The 10 weirdest Japanese traditions. Japan Asia
The Japanese do not celebrate the New year in our understanding. New year's eve, they quietly go to sleep, but Wake up early in the morning and all go together…

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Clothes from Korea is gaining global popularity

In our country, have long been known and have earned success Hyundаi South Korean brands, Kia, Daewoo, Samsung, LG — it’s a good car, great appliances, mobile phones. However, few know that Korea is also one of the largest exporters of textile products. While she constantly has to compete with China producing cheap consumer goods, and Japan, producing clothes of Premium class — high-quality and expensive.

Korean experts have decided to choose a niche in the fashion market . Engaged in the development of materials, application of new dyeing technology and the development of brands middle and high middle class, that is, for many middle-class consumers. Major importer of produce in Korea, women’s, children’s and men’s clothing is China, but recently actively began to import clothing, Russia and Ukraine. Clothes from Korea from a stylish and memorable brands has brought her great popularity among our people and conquered their unmatched quality, style, exquisite models for men and women.


Not wrong Korean company, focusing on casual wear, especially on sportswear . the main consumer of which is the youth. National Korean clothing brands MARU, D-DAY, BASICHOUSE, C. O. X. A. GIORDANO, U. G. I. Z. HUM-HUM, TBJ, its design, quality and price are not inferior to recognized leaders of this segment, is conquering the fashion space.

The most famous manufacturer and supplier of sportswear, footwear and sports accessories is a South Korean company Fila . producing men’s and women’s clothing for tennis, Jogging, fitness, basketball, Golf, and special Vintag line, as well as children’s and teenage footwear.

The leader of the fashion industry on the market is the South Korean company Samsung Cheil Industries, which produces clothing under brands such as Bean Pole, Galaxy, Rogatis and LANSMERE.

By the way, in 2006, a famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow has advertised the fashion brand Bean Pole International.

Korean clothing for the whole family

Buying custom made women’s clothing from Korea, which distinguishes you from the monotonous crowd, emphasizing your beauty and personality, you will become unique. Elegant and exclusive shoes and handbag complement the delightful image.

Buy fashionable and stylish clothing and shoes from Korea, giving the uniqueness and virility that allows you feel wonderful in the office, the Bank, on the secular parties and the reception, and men. To complement the suit will help using increasing popularity of men’s bags from Korea.

Eyes run when choosing baby clothes from new collections for every age – from newborns to senior pupils. Korean manufacturers offer a variety of stylish, beautiful, and at the same time practical quality items and comfortable shoes made of natural materials. Already found in our country their customers fashionable and high quality children’s and teen clothing Korean brand called “OurQ” and TINKLE.

Popular Korean brands

Gladly purchase buyers bright clothing popular Korean brand NAK Classic . the collection which consists of light chiffon and viscose dresses, summer sundresses, knitted and woolen ladies cardigans. tunics, tops and many other things.

Demand original jewelry Korean design brands such as Windygirl, Lucias, Richbon, 4xtyle, Mbox.

Fashionable and practical women’s handbag faux tinted or combination skin high quality will give a unique touch to any outfit, as well as emphasize the individuality and refined style of its owner.

Buy clothes and accessories from Korea and have fun after you turned the envious looks!

Japan is Weird
For all its beauty, amazing culture and the most developed technologies, Japan has another side. Quite strange. All known weird Japanese music videos and commercials, scary movies, and non-standard behavior…


Ozone therapy in South Korea
Eco - forum 2015 the portal will help the tube. Physio (dirt in the vagina and the blood alternately). Velashape, problem areas, subcutaneous electrolipolysis. Available mesovarian V. but passed all.…

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