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Customs and traditions of Japan – the most mysterious country in the world

Unique and peculiar culture and attitude of Japanese people are defined by isolated geographical position, climatic conditions and topography of the place of residence. Endless earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions forced the Japanese to honor nature as a living being. The centuries-old struggle for survival has imposed Soi imprint on the customs and traditions of Japan.

The diversity and number of rituals and traditions that are binding, or, at best, recommended. The whole life of the people in the country are entwined web of ceremonies and a network of traditions.

Japanese traditions and customs in people

Since the middle ages remain unchanged, Japanese interiors and clothing, the Japanese language also was not significantly altered during the long history of this nation. From ancient times until today an integral element of society are the ceremonies of contemplation. To contemplate the Japanese can any natural phenomenon: the flowering trees, the full moon, the sea waves, fall autumn leaves, etc.

Kind are the traditions of Japan, briefly outlining the most interesting of them, we should note the following:

Not accepted in Japan handshake to greet each other is supposed to be the bows, and with the same intensity and reverence with which you welcomed anyone saying Hello to you people.

Many foreigners are confused, seeing constantly smiling Japanese. This is also a kind of tradition. Even the most unpleasant moments in communication it is customary to accompany a smile.

The customs and traditions of Japan are inextricably linked with the world-famous Japanese hospitality, their courtesy and helpfulness.

There are things that in Japan has been made a taboo:

1) too close distance between the interlocutors.

2) crony relationship;

3) active gestures while talking;

4) direct your gaze while talking with the Japanese perceived it as aggression.

Japanese traditions and customs in everyday life

In Japan don’t smoke in public places, here is considered a sacrilege to step foot in shoes on a tatami (straw Mat). Even going to the toilet, you must wear special Slippers, and comfort — to remove.

The Japanese are incredibly important the dishes, table setting, decorative design of national dishes.

Japan before food in the mandatory wipe the hands and face with hot cloth.

Each dish has its own utensils and a certain place on the table, moreover, every person should eat at a separate table.

Not provided and change course. Not only at home but also in the restaurant all meals (except tea) are set immediately. But here the same stand and chafing dish, spirit lamp, which can be used, if the dish has time to cool.

All the dishes are strictly differentiated into male and female.

In Japan it is not customary to use spoons, even the soup to drink. If serving noodles, eat with chopsticks and drink the broth. Thus not only permitted, but even recommended to suck.

Hands can only be eaten in a friendly atmosphere.

Bitten pieces can’t be put on a plate, according to the rules they should be held in the hand. That’s why traditional Japanese sushi and rolls put in your mouth.

Women should lifting food to his mouth, to support her under the other arm, and men do not have to.

Meals in any case you shouldn’t move on the plate, and the dishes you cannot move on the table.

There are Japanese traditions and customs regarding eating food with chopsticks is a whole science. There are customs and rules regarding beverages, for example, pouring the drink into a glass, hand back side up to keep the impossible. Pour yourself a glass of to the bottom is prohibited.

In General, all the traditions of Japan to briefly describe, so a lot of them. Almost all the Japanese make, regulated, and should occur according to certain rules, the observance of special rituals. It is hard to believe that all that exists in the country of ultra-modern technology!