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Sexual traditions of different countries – Women’s forum

It would seem that sex is the same for all around the world. However, in many countries the attitude to this intimate process does not correspond not correspond to our ideas and strange for the European mentality. Today is about the strangest traditions of different countries.


This mysterious continent inhabited by diverse tribes, of civilization where you practically never heard of. So, in East Africa, in the baganda tribe is a fertile tradition.

To harvest plantain – this plant is the main feed crop of the tribe – was good, the couple that is definitely parents of twins must spend the next ritual: the wife lies down in a field and puts himself in a plantain flower, and the task of men is to remove the flower without using his hands. If the ritual was performed well and quickly, so the harvest will be excellent.

Kamchatka (Russia)

Hardly a man of the modern metropolis will be happy if his wife is having sex with a friend who came to visit. However, in Kamchatka and in some settlements the eskimo and Chukchi “share wife” with a male stranger – the top honor. But if the spouse from such “incidental” sex and gets pregnant, it will be considered a real success!

In such traditions there is a reasonable explanation – these are the ways to help attract new genes in small tribes, where many are blood relatives. As you know, the incest-prone diseases in future generations.


In the country of cherry blossoms, too, have strange rituals involving sex. The fertility celebration is an important day for the Japanese, and a good reason for men to wear their costumes, the main decoration of which are big penises. Despite the continued employment and stiffness, on this day all boys involved in the celebration, can afford to chase women and shout obscenities.

Women of the rising sun has its own festival – the festival of the vagina, during which the streets are of a model of the female sexual organ of enormous size, from which the actress in the crowd throws rice cakes.


Tradition “before marriage – not” actual in many countries, but not in Tibet. Here, in order to get an offer hands and hearts and dignity to marry any decent girl you need to be prepared, namely to have before marriage not less than ten sexual partners.

A huge plus and additional “dowry” is the fact that among men the bride were strangers. And the more the better.

South America

The men of the tribe of kagaba not in a hurry to get married even if in love with his darling. The reason is strange marital traditions, according to which the future husband should lose your virginity to the most elderly inhabitant of the tribe.

This ritual is based on the fact that the woman in age, first, experienced, and, secondly, will not be able to get pregnant. Avoiding this kind of sex, tribe men often run away before the wedding in the jungles and hide, while the bride will not find them on their own.


In Eastern Bolivia in the tribe of sironi has its own kind of foreplay, which a civilized person will surely be uneasy. Couple preparing to make love, first cleanse each other from lice, ticks and fleas, mistaking them for food.

Scientific studies have shown that insects that live in this part of the country, have a stimulating effect and help to prolong the sexual act not for the minutes and the hours. After eating these little bugs sex between partners may last up to 6 hours without a break.