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New year traditions in different countries.

What is the New Year. Lush, fragrant tree , kilograms of tangerines. snow slides. bubbling champagne in a glass and of course. « Steam » — such associations will come to mind of our compatriot .

New year in Russia

But every. who will visit the main holiday of the year where — then outside their homeland. will be affected. as far as Christmas traditions of other countries ( and especially — other continents ) is not like ours .

New year traditions in different countries

In Japan there is a belief. that the New Year will bring good luck to. who will meet him in a new outfit . Therefore, in clothing stores on the eve of the festival is an excitement. And from Buddhist temples at midnight posted the sound of the bells. is considered to be. what exactly 108 beats let go of all the sins of man .

On New Year’s in Japan, it is customary to gather all family members at one table. this gala dinner takes place without noise. the bustle and drinking songs. The Japanese prefer to sit quietly and think about it. what brought them to the outgoing year. as well as making plans for the upcoming .

New Year celebration in Australia is very similar to ours . People are going companies. have a feast. having fun. noisy and congratulate each other. Some Australians decorate the house, companions. the so-called Christmas tree. but many people prefer the European version and dress up a Christmas tree or pine .

But despite the similarity. there is one significant difference — all of this happens in the peak of summer heat ( January the Australians — a month in the summer ), so you can freely enjoy the beach. sun. surfing. and to wrap up in warm clothes is not necessary .

In Africa New Year — it is primarily a celebration of family reunification , as it often husbands leave for work. and his wife and children are left to wait for them at home. On New Year every African man wants to come home. In the Sudan believe. what if after new year’s eve to greet the dawn on the banks of the Nile. come true all dreams and wishes. The same. who lives far from the Nile. try to greet the rising sun every other body of water .

In Ghana there is a belief. before the advent of the New Year « wikichat » all grievances , to forget last year’s disputes and be reconciled with those. someone was in trouble. So on New Year’s eve and in the festive night is incredibly noise .

And in tribes of abigi preserved tradition to participate in unusual races , where participants move around on your lap and hold the egg in your mouth. it is very important not to damage the shell. The egg is considered a symbol of life .

In Italy on New Year is becoming quite dangerous , because the Italians have a tradition to get rid of old things is very non-traditional way. throwing them from their Windows. Is considered to be. the more throw. the happier will be the coming year .

In Bulgaria for a few minutes, turn off the lights after midnight. there comes a time of kisses and hugs .

But of course. never do without the analogue of our Santa Claus . Even in African Burundi have your Wishmaster. who lives on the snowy peak of mount Kilimanjaro and call him ” Santa Christians “. And our Irish counterpart of Santa Claus dresses up in a green suit and stick is a bundle of herbs .

However we were not different. how didn’t celebrate the holidays. we have a common desire to discard in the new year night all their grievances and problems and last year’s wait from the New Year .

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