The Tanabata Festival in Japan
The Tanabata festival — one of the most romantic in Japan. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month — that is, 7 July in the Gregorian…

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Culture, traditions and customs of Japan. • Japan • Asia • Countries
Samurai, sake, sushi, anime, haiku – that's what associations are carried out at the mention of Japan. and this is just a small list of what is known to every…

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Bath culture of Japan has always harbored an inexplicable fascination for the people of Europe and the rest of the world. Around deep tubs-pools directly at them and unfolded an exquisite action whole ceremony and accompanying bathing, relaxation, enjoyment.

Originally Kusatsu the Japanese baths were wooden, most of all by its shape and a huge device resembling a deep tub. This appearance has developed over more than a Millennium of history. To have the big tub at home could afford only very rich people, so basically there was a bath in the public baths, which were peculiar to the Japanese clubs. Take a bath, simultaneously, by several people, so baths often became a place of intimate meetings and private negotiations. Many treacherous conspiracies were born in warm water baths and fragrant hot steam.

The other party bath time was always an exquisite communication with specially trained geisha, make the process of bathing in exquisite physical and aesthetic pleasure.

Centuries passed. Like so much else in Japan, the country’s most longstanding traditions, it is the bathing ceremony has not changed. And now you can visit a traditional public bath, with all its attributes, into a deep bath-pool, where the water comes up to the shoulders, under the gentle cooing of a real geisha. The pleasure is very expensive, and to get it full, have to go to Japan.

However, you can not go. Sitz bath, inspired by the traditional Japanese, it is possible to have in my own apartment or house. KUSATSU-POOL from the German company KALDWEI – the top of the model range thick-walled steel baths. Exquisite, stylish, very fashionable design in the Japanese style, combined with incredible high level of comfort, bringing forth unusual for Europeans feeling.

The fact that the tub Kusatsu take sitting. In accordance with tradition, it is very deep – eighty one centimeter, the width of the Japanese bath – one meters high and one meter forty centimeters. For convenience pristupom special setting made on one of the walls – when you are in the bath, there is a feeling that is comfortably settled in an easy chair. Water flowing to the shoulders, plunges into a state of a kind of weightlessness, relaxes and soothes. It seems that it is the pinnacle of bliss. However, this is not the limit. If you Supplement KUSATSU-POLL specially designed for her with massage jets, — “three plus”, the pleasure and benefit from its acceptance can be enhanced repeatedly. “Three plus” includes all possible types of massage, the nozzles are arranged over the entire inner surface of the bath, including directly on the seat. The effect of weightlessness inherent in this bath and in normal performance, when the jets reached its peak of development.

KUSATSU-POLL is impossible to do all at once, as is the case with the ordinary thick-walled steel tubs, it manufactured piece by piece. The upper and lower parts are joined by welding in geometric contour with millimeter precision. The slightest deviation – and the bath is discarded. After polishing bath is covered with enamel. Almost any color is possible, but most interesting, certainly can be considered an option when enamel reproduces the look of polished wood. In such embodiment, KUSATSU-POLL closest to their historical prototype.

Large height of the bath when it is installed makes the desired structure a rather high podium with stairs, otherwise enter it problematic. This allows you to create a new rather unusual solution to the overall design of the bathroom overall. Including fashionable Japanese style.

The time of the samurai gone, changed beyond recognition the face of the world. To survive the effects of time can only true lasting values. Such as the fragrant steam emanating a deep soaking bath. Fragile and graceful geisha in a kimono next.

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