The Most disgusting food in the world - the Portal of the city of Tokmok, the town of Tokmok in Kyrgyzstan
Everyone loves a tasty meal, and even more I love when delicious food looks nice and edible. And in today's selection of  you will see the most horrible and disgusting…

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The Japanese language On-line: Christmas table in the Japanese style
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Wedding traditions of Korea

In the nineteenth century the marriage age of boys was from 18 to 25 years old, respectively girls 16-23. Now everything has changed dramatically, the age of marriage slightly increased. But, as for customs – they have not changed very much. Let us consider them closer.

Throughout the territory of Ukraine in some families still exists an old tradition to give first married the older children and then younger. In case if some of the younger kids getting married earlier than the elder, it was considered a great insult for the older brother or sister. Also according to the laws of Ukraine traditions a wedding to start the week cannot, because of this, weddings are held on weekends.

Known custom in Eastern Ukraine is the custom according to which a bride on the most important day shall be something new, something old, blue and borrowed. All this in order not to lose the connection to her past life, but nevertheless with new forces to go to new. That’s just the lay of the land, something blue, remains a mystery. As you know each custom has a share of puzzles, so it’s not weird.

Just after the famous bride, in the province instituted to bless the young for a happy marriage. It should do the father of the young. After that, the newlyweds tied with a hand embroidered towel and is removed from the house. While young parents is strictly prohibited at the “ceremony”. As it is a mystery of initiation of the young into the family of the bride. The groom’s parents must meet the newlyweds at the place where will be held the holiday itself, with bread and salt.

Throughout the territory of Ukraine . except its Western part there is a custom to steal the bride’s slipper. Redemption is considered to be some fun competition for the young and the witness. The Shoe must be redeemed is necessary, otherwise the wedding can’t go on. The groom. as a witness, have no right to withdraw from the competition or the conditions demanded by the kidnappers. Often come up with funny contests. Nowadays they are assisted by a master of ceremonies.

In Western Ukraine the most interesting wedding ceremonies. For example, the celebration lasts for there is not one, not 2 days. It can last about a week, and it starts somewhere from Wednesday. On this day there is a farewell of the bridegroom to his bachelor life, and the bride with her friends. It is believed that upon marriage, a girl needs to spend more time with her husband and not her friends. After a bachelor party and a bachelorette party, along with the young witness begins to walk, and to invite guests to the wedding. The outfits they make for themselves, according to traditions, Ukrainian. It: a wreath with ribbons, embroidered shirt, skirt, red boots and a beautiful embroidered apron. To invite guests to the wedding should maid of honor and bride only to specify the time and place of the celebrations. An interesting ritual is the baking of the wedding loaf. The case involved only those women who have been happily married. As they pass on their good family atmosphere to the newlyweds through the loaf. Bake it in the bride’s home. Also karavanic (women who bake it) must be an odd number. Most often seven. They sing songs about happy family life, wanting the same and the bride.

Wedding in Western Ukraine ends with a ritual head covering of the bride. According to this ritual the groom removes the veil from the bride, untwist hair and wears a headscarf. In some villages up to the present time preserved the rite, according to which, the groom cuts off bride’s hair to a shorter length. It symbolizes the transition of a girl into the family life.

There are many ceremonies in different regions, but they are all similar to each other. And only Western Ukraine has vibrant wedding ceremonies.