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Management is the secret of Japanese

Hello everyone! Today let’s talk about what management is the main secret of the Japanese. Large Japanese companies are not so much in the interests of shareholders, but in the interests of their employees. So is it any wonder their high productivity?

Management strategy the phenomenal business success

Everyone already heard about the reasons for the unusual dynamism of the Japanese economy.

But the main “secret” of the Japanese, according to economists, has not been used yet in the Russian context.

And that’s what it is: the Japanese managed to overcome the stereotype of “us versus them” that so often overshadows labour relations in Russian enterprises.

They managed to create in people the feeling that the workers and managers of the company live a common destiny.

We act and live in a system where the basis of basic Finance.

And therefore often don’t understand that companies are made of people and, of course, not able to work better than people.

The Japanese understand this. Moreover, their managers are employees considered valuable asset of the company.

So, they have to be valued, they must be taken care of, and the main thing – to save their jobs, – except for the most extreme cases.

So in Japanese firms do: increase the skills of their employees, care about their welfare, guarantee them jobs, and when business ventures go well, and provide advancement on the steps of the ladder.

Management – personnel management in the organization

Russian businessmen will tell you that to invest more money in employees is risky and costly.

Because employees are retiring, and sometimes, they have to dismiss.

And generally, how to ensure employment in the current turbulent, changing world? Alas, these businessmen are right.

But there are pros: skilled labor more productive.

Workers who have mastered the related professions, bring the company a lot more useful.

Employees, confident in the stability of their jobs, welcomed technological innovation, and not hinder their implementation, not afraid of them.

Of course, Japanese companies are based on the principle of hierarchy – in the end, all those bows and other ceremonies are observed there, not vain, not only as a tribute to traditions. And yet they are in a very real sense controlled by employees.

Management – organization of employees – medicine for management

Characteristically, the dictators among managers of Japanese corporations are rare, and the solutions to many leading companies are taken by consensus.

From the headmaster’s study to the last auxiliary production work is done collectively.

And important ideas and solutions are moving from the bottom up no less than “descend” from top to bottom.

Everywhere in Japanese firms is the practice of consultation between workers and managers.

Of course, to say that this does not in Russia, but for Japan such phenomenon is more common.

Managers are taught simple clerks to make decisions on the spot, and not to pester offices of his superiors.

They say that the discipline, teamwork and hard work literally in the blood of Japanese workers and form an integral part of Japanese traditions and culture.

The way it is, but not just that. Japanese workers cooperated with the administration because their welfare is closely linked to the success of the company.

I wish you success!

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