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How Much is wife is from Central Asia? news filed under Society, current information, discussion news, discussion on Newsland

The greatest demand is for the bride from Central Asia to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Dowry is growing. Moreover, foreign grooms prefer girls with higher education. For Asian parents daughter be a good investment project.

To buy Turkmen girl of marriageable age available for $10 thousand, and a good education increases the “cost” of the bride at times. From the point of view of parents of girls traditional dowry and mahr – the key to a strong marriage.

In South-East Asia bride from the former Central Asian republics of the USSR are most in demand. The fact is that there are significantly more men than women, due to the widespread practice of abortion by gender. Girls have always been considered a burden for the family. However, now that the economies of the countries of the region are strengthened, and changing priorities.

Wealthy Malaysians and Indonesians are looking for wives in the former Soviet space, told orientalist Dmitry Verkhoturov: “In South-East Asia is Buddhist country, there are Muslim countries. Muslim countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei – develop a fairly intense relationship with Central Asia. There grooms from Indonesia, for example, take a wife girls from Uzbekistan”.

Foreign grooms prefer girls with higher education. And parents of future brides do everything to make the fate of their daughters, including forced to learn foreign languages. Moreover, all the funds invested in education and training, pay off the dowry.

Often the money that the groom’s family sends the girl’s family during the wedding, the younger brothers and sisters of the bride, noted senior researcher, Center for civilization and religious studies Naim Neflyasheva:

“The bride price is compensation to the girl’s family for her upbringing and for the loss of working hands. This is a symbolic fee to the bride’s parents. The peoples who profess Islam, the dowry is divided into two parts. The first part – this is the fee the bride’s parents. And the second part is the so-called mahr. It is a payment to the girl in case of divorce or widowhood. It’s her money, she may dispose of at its discretion. She can put them in the Bank, to open to them their business or to invest in real estate.”

Arranged marriages are considered strong enough: the divorce rate in such families is extremely low. However, not all approve of the practice of bride price. For example, in Tajikistan there is a law about restricting the size of the bride price to 800$. Due to the difficult economic situation in the Republic, few can afford to pay for a future wife a few tens of thousands of dollars. But here comes another national tradition: the poor boy can steal favorite.

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