The Most disgusting food in the world - the Portal of the city of Tokmok, the town of Tokmok in Kyrgyzstan
Everyone loves a tasty meal, and even more I love when delicious food looks nice and edible. And in today's selection of  you will see the most horrible and disgusting…

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The Population of South Korea.
The population of South Korea is over 48 million people. National structure: Koreans (99%); other Nations (Chinese, Filipinos, Thais, Vietnamese, Americans). Koreans believe that they are descendents of Altaic or…

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Wedding rituals in Asia

Marriage Bali. This is perhaps one of the strangest wedding ceremonies and obscure European Asnani. During the ceremony, young saw off part of the teeth without an anaesthetic, symbolizing the fact that people do not belong to the world of evil spirits, bearing fangs. At the wedding table sitting only women and men who prepared the dishes for the feast all night, resting at this time.

In Bermuda, it is customary to decorate the top tier of the wedding cake tiny young tree. After that they planted the same tree in front of his house as a sign that their marriage will last until the tree grows.

In Vietnam there are two wedding celebrations, one satisfied with the groom’s parents, the other is organized on the bride’s side.

Indian marriage. According to an old tradition to ward off evil spirits over the heads of young three times and twist the coconuts. After the ceremony, to family zhizni was happy, without any misery and sorrow the bride and the groom, the male family member is showering flower petals .

Marriage in Caribbean

On the Islands of Barbados, Grenada and Santa Lucia for the wedding isikut huge ‘black’ cake stuffed with dried fruits and rum. The recipe for this traditional cake, which is passed from mother to daughter, included flour, dark brown sugar, butter, eggs, cherries, raisins, prunes, and currants. Dried fruits soaking in rum and kept in a clay jug from two weeks to six months.

Marriage in China. According to Chinese tradition, the bride receives a gift from his relatives little boxes of gold ornaments. In China the color of love and joy is red, so red is normally all: the bride’s dress, candles, gift boxes and envelopes with money. During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom drink wine and honey from goblets linked together with a red ribbon.

Korean marriage, wedding ceremony in Korea there are always ducks, it is believed that the ducks remain faithful to each other forever. In the old days instead of taking ducks geese.

Marriage in Malaysia

The bride is a crowd of kids bring gifts, groomsmen gifts – trays with food and money in figures of animals and flowers. Every guest who came to the wedding with a gift to the newlyweds presents hard-boiled egg, symbolizing wealth.

In Thailand before the wedding it is customary that p Oila pair of gotovila bed for the newlyweds. Next be sure to leave a mascot for good luck – the bags or boxes of rice, sesame seeds, coins, with wishes of wealth.

Marriage in Fiji

The groom gives the bride’s father a whale tooth as a symbol of wealth and social status.

Marriage in the Philippine

Around the shoulders of young tied white silk lace, to show the fortress of their Union. After the ceremony the couple released two white doves, symbolizing peace.

Marriage in Japanese

On the wedding day the bride with her family, goes to visit the groom. Traditionally, the bride wears a triangular head scarf to hide ‘horns of jealousy’, which is said to have every woman. The bride and groom drink nine SIPS of sake (rice wine) and according to tradition, after the first SIP they become official husband and wife.

In Soma according to the old tradition the bride wears a crown of flowers and pearls and a dress made from the bark of the mulberry tree.

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